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Brand design

Creating an organization's brand identity is a very tough, but very rewarding challenge. I've created short brand guides that just consist of a logo, color palette, and typography, then I have also created corporate brand standards that range anywhere from twenty to fifty pages depending on how large the company is and what visual standard is necessary to make the organization as cohesive and recognizable as possible.



Research. Find brand standards of other organizations or freelancers in your field and see what they're doing right, or what could be improved upon. Remember, the goal is not to look like them, but to be inspired and create your own take on popular trends.


Establish Content. The brand guide can be 60 pages or 6 depending on what content you're looking for in your brand. You might be looking for a new logo, or you already have a logo but you are looking for color and typography visual systems. Regardless, it is important to examine how much structure in depth your brand guide will require.


Design. Creating the brand standards, I take into account the over all stylization of your brand that either we created together or based on your existing brand and I implement it into the brand standards itself. The guide can be different sizes and shapes depends on how it's used within your company. Every detail will be though out and thorough when working together on your brand standards.